FRC 3630 Looking for New Mentors

Hi everyone! We are Team 3630, Stampede. We are currently looking for new mentors in the Greater Twin Cities/MN area to help out with all aspects of our team—though we are more specifically looking for a build mentor.

We currently have two very dedicated full-time mentors that do a fantastic job on the programming and organization side of things. Historically neither of them were heavily involved in build, but they’ve had to step into those roles too. Ideally, we’d love to have someone with experience in build to help moving forward. We have unlimited volunteer positions for mentors of all experience levels with the possibility of a stipend after a year. Any help with teaching CAD, wiring, or support in prototyping would be much appreciated!


  1. Able to come to practice from 3:30-7pm at least twice a week during build season
  2. Pass a background check
  3. Enthusiastic about sharing knowledge with students

There are also some great perks to the job:

  1. Access to a CNC router
  2. We have unlimited access to our shop
  3. Working with fully dedicated, FRC obsessed, students
  4. Being part of a close-knit environment
  5. We are a fun team!!

Our team consists of very driven students, so most of the work will involve light guidance and encouraging team spirit. We’ve had a great season and are looking forward to continued success!

If you are in the Minneapolis region and are interested in mentoring us, you can reach out to me by following up on this thread and/or DM me on chief. Any discipline or skill set would be more than welcome.

Thank you!
Trisha Samba
Stampede 3630 Captain


3630 is one of the best teams in Minnesota! Any incoming mentors wouldn’t know how good they have it with you guys!


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