Frc 3737 roto raptors 2022 robot cad

FRC Team 3737, the Roto Raptors from Goldsboro, NC are pleased to release the CAD for our 2022 robot Cyclone.

Link: 3737_robot_assy_2022.stp - Google Drive

We used 4040 T-slot extrusion for our chassis. It is extremely strong and very versatile allowing fasteners at any point along the lengths and on any face.
Roughly 50% of our manufactured parts are 3D printed.
Many fasteners are not shown
A few small mechanisms that are duplicates or mirrors are not shown
Surgical tubing is not shown (used for the hooks and torque resistance for the Cargo Handler)

Swerve drive notes:
Our home grown swerve drives are shown. Three are primarily Aluminum framed that we used for the competition season. However, one is our new 3D printed swerve drive assembly. This was used on all four corners for several off season competitions and worked very well.

Cyclone’s climb was featured by AlphaPhoenix and has 8.6k views as of this publication.

We also have a short collection of just climbs here:

These were manual climbs and were roughly 11 seconds. For off season competitions, we were able to automate the climb and shaved about 2 seconds off the time and made it more consistent.

Comments and questions are welcome.

Derek Finch
Lead Mechanical Mentor


It was cool to get to see this robot and the awesome climb in person at Rumble in the Roads! Thanks for posting!

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Thanks! We had three major revisions to our climbing arm (and several smaller iterations). The final one was actually the simplest by far and worked well.


It was great to see this very innovative solution to the game problems this year. We had a lot of fun competing both with and against y’all this last season. The whole team was really sorry to see your crash in the semis at Pembroke, the finals would have been a lot more fun with y’all in them. Still, a great run for a low-goal robot in a game that seriously favored high goal shooters.

Yes, we were so sorry to miss the finals after the fall. It just shows how one misstep can change your destiny. We also enjoyed playing with and against you guys! Cheers.

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This was definitely one of the coolest robots to see up close and certainly the most unique design I saw in NC. That climber arm has a fantastic internal design and it was also cool to see how you iterated on it during the season at all of the events you participated in. What I also liked about your machine was that it was a competitive low bot that proved strategy and tradeoffs when balanced correctly can still be a competitive choice to make and you don’t have to do everything to win games.

Thanks. Excellent point. We realized a few years ago that it was ok to just do one thing really well and in fact it can be a great advantage.

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