FRC 3940 CyberTooth Level 3 Hab Teaser


Since this seems to be the new thing to do - here’s 3940’s climb teaser for the 2019 season.

(Once it’s flipped over, the grippers let go of the platform.)





Otherwise they would considered to be within the volume of the Level 2 HAB zone.


There’s no rule against being in the volume of the level 2 platform, and opening their claw wouldn’t change that they have appendages beneath the plane of level 3. There’s the requirement that you cannot be supported by level 2 or lower. I suspect their rationale is to make it clear to the human refs that they are in no way being supported by level 2.

This is important to emphasis to others who may be pursuing this design. :wink:


Looks pretty neat, can’t wait to check it out at St. Joseph. Mind sharing the setup you used for the arm gearbox?


Instagram is blocked at my school, any chance you could reupload through something else?


Nice job. I think we need some terminology for the differ styles of climbing.

“How do you climb?”
“We’re a Gripper Flipper.”


Wow! Best implementation of this climbing concept that I’ve seen so far.

What/how many motors are you powering that arm with? What reduction?

Edit: Gripper Flipper is what I’ll be referring to these types of climbers as.


Thanks everyone. Some answers;

Why do we let go?

So we are not supported by anything other than the top surface of HAB3.

What is the powertrain that makes this work?

We’ve got two custom spur boxes with once CIM motor each. The gearboxes are about 96:1 each, with a 32:15T sprocket reduction after them for a total system reduction of aprox. 205:1.

Why not just use some planetaries?

We went the custom gearbox route because we wanted the ability to fine tune the ratio later, add motors in case our math was wrong, and mathed out that in some situations we would be outside the load ratings of the 57 Sport gearbox line. The gearboxes have mounting for two CIM-sized interfaces each.



Thank you!

Has current draw been an issue/consideration for such a long arm?

The Metrobots are building a large arm as well, and current draw is an important consideration for us.


The system was designed to peak at 35A during the climbing sequence. It peaked at 36A last night. It is pretty overgeared for moving the arm through space, it probably only peaks at 15A when moving the arm around in space.



Who cares about space? I wanna know how it moves around in Deep Space. (Presentation by The Boeing Company optional.)

Looks dope!


Who cares about Deep Space? I wanna know how it moves around in Cartesian Space and Joint Space