FRC 3DP Clearinghouse?

I feel like there are enough useful 3D printable designs (too many to track) for FRC & FIRST more broadly now that there should be a place for them. Like Thingiverse, Printables, or MyMiniFactory but just for FIRST robotics.

Is there something already & I just missed it? If not, Dozerverse I could be a good name for anyone with the drive to stand up such a website.

Another thought: curate FRC 3DP designs into a special MKCAD category (or use a tag + existing categories).

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We have been trying to catalog them at

We know we have barely scratched the surface but it is a start.


How does one add to the database? Is it setup in a way that people could just do a pull request on GitHub?


Each page has a link to a Google Spreadsheet at the top. You can make suggestions there and we review them before adding to the site.

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