FRC 4131 Iron Patriots 2022-2023 Season

We are super excited about joining #openalliance this year! This presents our team with an opportunity of documenting all the positives and negatives involved with our build season.
As a team we have high expectations and big goals for this coming season, we are working towards reaching world championships this year, and earning our very first robot blue banner. We will try our best to do bi-weekly updates and post all our positives and negatives.

Here are some of the resources and social media our team runs:

I will be posting a weekly update tonight so be on the lookout for that :slight_smile:
Thank you,
Vachan Shah | President


11/22/2022 Pre-Season Updates
These past few weeks have been very productive in almost every aspect and we thank you for all the interest and support that you have given us.

First off, we have been able to achieve a substantial amount of team-wide training. Also, each subteam has made significant progress with their offseason projects. I am extremely proud of the dedication and hard work every student is putting in towards ensuring that our goals are met.

Additionally, we have been able to raise a lot of funds fully paying off our competition registration of $19,000, with a staggering $21,400! Any funds we raise from now on go straight towards parts and the whole team is ecstatic about that. Another reminder to see if your company has a matching funds program to see if you can further help the team. We greatly appreciate all the parents who have helped already with the amount raised.

Below are the links to photos and videos from the past couple months and some of the cool projects that we have been working on.

Even with the fun and productive meetings we have had the past few weeks, they have been far from perfect. We have always struggled in the past with not having the most trained crew this prompted us to start working on organizing a method to standardize training procedures for all different subteams using Excel sheets and checking people off based on knowledge they have been tested on (as simple as can connect to the robot or knows how to use the drill) . More info about this will be posted once we get the experience of it and can positively give it a rating and list its pros and cons.


Another cool project we worked on over the summer and these past couple months is a new battery cart. The current plan is to have a laptop charging station in the back [shown in the second image] and using the top as a workstation during comps for our software subteam. This battery cart came with a lot of procrastination and being annoyed by our old one.
Below are some of the lessons we learned from the old one and implemented in the new :

  • Use vertical space
  • Tilt the batteries eliminating the need for straps
  • Have a compartment for Laptops and a workspace on top
  • Keep weight low in the cart

We noticed this cart weighed a lot, and would like to figure out solutions for reducing the weight in the future. But are very satisfied with this design for this year :slight_smile:

Vachan Shah