FRC 4160 The RoBucs 2023 Build Thread

Returning team from 2022 OA looking to improve on what we share.

First up our 2022 pi-case improved for 2023:

Why this Pi Case:

  1. CAD provided so you can modify it.
  2. Lighter than other cases.
  3. Fast to print. Less fancy more practical.
  4. Multiple mounting options. 1" stock, 2" stock, Rivet, whole width, etc…
  5. Works with multiple sizes of zip tie. because you never know what you will have at comp.
  6. Designed for a fan. Because with PhotonVision you are probably driving that pi hot…
  7. Strong even with being so light, this case is a lot stronger than other cases
  8. Holes for picam ribbons, POE, etc…
  9. OA logo… and a cool RoBuc Head… Because who doesnt love a little pirate robot.

But seriously, we hope this makes someone’s season easier.


Well we are solidly in the quiet before the storm. We finished up our Machine Training, getting last years bot dissasembled down to a simple drive base, pushbot is up and running with the latest PhotonVision seeing April Tags, and coders are learning. 2.5 weeks till kickoff. Best of luck to all OA teams.

We Finished prototyping the above variant of the WCP intake modified with compliance wheels and the yellow cone posititioner above. Same CAD link. Weight with the plates made out of wood is 12.8lbs. With cheezing out the plate in aluminum, cutting the cross beam to the required length, etc… We should be under 15 lb for the intake. We Approved our “Drive Base” and started cutting parts:

We tested our preliminary arm design which is based on our “Deep Space” arm design:

We added 30 lbs to the intake and it still lifted and had no issues. We estimate that 30 lbs at the current arm extension would be more than enough Torque for the lighter/same new intake at a longer arm length. We took off the old intake, which weighed in at 15Lbs. (edited)

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