FRC 4265 2022 Full Robot CAD Release

After a much needed hiatus from Chief Delphi to reflect on the season I have returned to post our CAD almost 4 months late(r). Despite my own lateness, team 4265 the Secret City Wildbots is still proud to release our 2022 full robot cad. As always I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions related to robot, CAD, or design.

Final Render:

Download Link:


I remember looking at this thing up close at IRI, such an awesome robot. Love the dual intakes!

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My favorite bot at ECR!!!


On a related note I forgot I took this picture of our ECR robot next to our SMR robot. I actually still have CAD for all three major iterations we made so I might could do a cool render.


Could you talk about how you did the cable management for your turret? How much rotation are you able to achieve with your current setup? Would you do anything different in the future?

Sure, so our turret is 270 degrees. We chose to go only 270 primarily because with the double intakes the driver is trained to keep the front of the robot towards the Hub and use the correct intake to pick up Cargo such that the turret is always locked on. This worked well in competition and we never felt like we needed more degrees of rotation.

It took us awhile to figure out the energy chain routing and it still isn’t perfect. All wires are terminated at the entrance and exit so if a link in the chain breaks (which happened relatively frequently) it can be swapped out quickly. The energy chain is basically pinned at both ends with a bolt and then a passive tensioner takes up the slack when the turret is facing forward to keep it out of the way of the climber and from snagging on other robots. The problem was if the energy chain broke at all during a match we would have a hard time climbing as the climber arms would have to push the energy chain partially out of the way as they deployed adding a few seconds to our climb. In the future I would try to incorporate more clearance where the energy chain mounts to the front of the shooter so it would be easier to access the connectors for the shooter motors and so a more robust mount could be created.


Do you know why the chain links were breaking? In the above pictures, it looks like part of the energy chain is hanging over the edge of the top plate; did it get caught there and snap/break or was it something else?


It’s hard to say why the chain lengths were breaking, pretty sure it wasn’t the chain just getting caught from hanging over the edge because we made sure that wasn’t the case on Alpha after we had a less bulky and smaller energy chain completely explode due to the issue on Beta. If I were to guess I’d say it’s probably because the energy chain is mounted higher than the polycarb plate at the shooter so it has to angle down slightly before its able to rest on the plate. This creates some unnecessary strain that could definitely cause problems when the turret is whipping around really fast.

hey friends, thought I would share this with everyone. I had the pleasure of doing an behind the bumpers interview with 4265 at ECR this year.

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