FRC 4265 Secret City Wildbots 2022 Robot: Sidewinder

Team 4265 The Secret City Wildbots is proud to present our 2022 robot Sidewinder!

Though we won’t be showing up to Houston with a whole new robot like we did at Smokey Mountains, we have rebuilt the top of our robot to include a kicker stage to extend the range and consistency of our shooter. We have also done a ton of turret optimization and tuning to allow us to lock onto the target faster and more reliably shoot on the fly. These changes are highlighted in this cut down 5 minute drive practice session:

For more details here is a link to our technical binder:

See you all on Roebling!


In hindsight, are you happy with the decision to use a shifting swerve or would you have preferred a more standard module? The design is really cool, but it does seem a bit complicated.

Though it won’t be until after Houston we will really know the answer to this, we are extremely happy with the performance of these modules so far. The shifting swerve really carried us through all of our targeting related issues while under heavy defense at Smokey Mountains. Furthermore, as hybrid offense and defense strategies continue to develop, we believe the shifting swerve will be nothing but an asset at Houston.

Played against and lost to this robot multiple times. Absolute beast of a machine that I’ll be rooting for!! The TN/SC powerhouses are all in Roebling this year, and I’m hoping to see some crack into Einstein.

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The Roebling schedule is published. It appears that the schedule gods are unhappy with 4265, 4020, and 4451 for some reason. We all have very uphill battles. Maybe one of us will manage to have a good enough individual performance to be recognized and selected by the right alliance. Unlikely that we’ll be controlling our own destinies. I’m sure each will do its best to rep the region, but that might not be enough. Still hoping for the best for all TN and SC teams in all the subdivisions.


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