FRC 4329 Lutheran Roboteers 2016 Build Updates

I’ll be posting build updates as we progress through the Stronghold season.

Here are some of our prototypes and tests that we captured on video from week 1:

Feel free to ask questions, thanks!

I’ve received some questions about our shooter so here’s what we tried -

We ran Banebots RS775-18’s into a VEX Versaplanetary gearbox with no reduction. This allowed us to easily interface with 1/2" hex shafts using the VEX 1/2" Hex to Hex coupler. We used the gray 77A durometer 4 Inch AndyMark wheels because that’s what we had a bunch of in the shop. We plan to test with other wheels as well.

The ramp on the single wheeled prototype was not curved in any way. We basically taped it onto our 2012 frame and various angles just to see how it affected the shot. 80 degrees (10 degrees from vertical) seemed to be the point of diminishing returns.

Our goal was to shoot as close to the ‘goal’ (still being built during these tests) in order to have a more consistent and reliable shooting spot. We did all of this in one meeting on a Saturday. I’m confident any team, especially rookies, could take this simple concept and make something fairly reliable.

Week 3 update video has been posted:

The video shows us clearing some of the static defenses for our initial tests. Our next tests will include a fully weighted robot. The end of the video also shows a test from our vacuum / puncher prototype.

The next tasks will be to begin creating our intake and ball scoring mechanisms.

Thanks for posting this stuff Ryan, great to see the progress other teams are making.

Thought another update was due. We’ve nearly finished our practice robot, with only the ball feeder ramp and ball shooter angle piece needed. We also have a hanger in the works but it’s less of a priority at the moment.

Here are videos of us running our intake fully for the first time. We plan to increase the speed, but are pretty happy with the intake design’s ability to center the ball prior to it coming into the robot. A big thanks to 973, 1323 and the OG team 47 for having plenty of photos and videos of their implementations of this from 2002 & 2012. Being able to run all of this off one gearbox has been great.

Video 1:

Video 2:

We tried different combinations of polycord and flat urethane belting. We found the round polycord to work best on the intake itself and the combination of the two didn’t seem to mix very well. After switching to all polycord (except for the short runs that bring the ball into the robot’s shooter), things seemed to run much smoother.

As always, feel free to ask any questions.

That polycord run is impressive, nice job.

Thanks! The students did a great job getting it all spaced out. We cut polycarbonate spacers that slip over the polycarbonate roller and it seemed to do a great job of keeping the cord in place.


Looks great, can’t wait to see it live