FRC 449 The Blair Robot Project Reveal Video

This is our first time ever doing one of these fancy reveal videos, hope you enjoy it.

Introducing our 2014 robot, Ballbasaur!

Robot Specs:

  • 95% accurate from the front of the low goal. The robot rams right into the low goal to line up.
  • Strong and fast drive train
  • Quick ball intake which doubles as a ball holder in the up position.
  • Large catcher which makes it easy to catch a ball from other robots or the human player.

Mechanical Specs:

  • Drive: 6 wheel west coast drive utilizing WCProducts 3 CIM single speed gearboxes and 4x1.5 inch colson wheels. We are also using belts along with the new WCProducts bearing blocks. The entire drive is geared for 14 feet per second.
  • Intake: Uses 4 bane bots wheels driven with a 1:1 gear ratio from a BAG motor with a 25:1 gear reduction. Pneumatically actuated out. It was specially designed so it holds the ball firmly in place when the roller is in the up position.
  • Shooter: Pneumatic shooter using 2 1.5 inch diameter by 8 inch stroke cylinders. Can shoot only from the front of the low goal and over the truss.
  • Catcher: 3 state catcher which is able to both funnel and disperse the energy of the ball. The shooting state has the front out and the sides in, the drive state has all sides in, and the catching state has the front in and the sides out. When the ball comes and hits the back of the catcher, it pushes the back out moving the sides in both trapping the ball and eliminating the balls energy. The top of the catcher is 59" and it extends out 16" or so on each side.
  • Superstructure: All made out of 2x1x.125" aluminum with custom made gusset plates to connect all the corners. All of this was made with a miter saw and a band saw, there were no CNC’d parts on the entire robot.

Gotta catch 'em balls!!

Wow thats one of the best catchers ive seen so far.

I really like it!