FRC 4607 C.I.S. Safety Themed Tool Time

4607 C.I.S. is happy to announce the publication of our first safety video. Our goal for this series is to allow all teams to get a comprehension of some of the safety rules in First Robotics. These videos will be released regularly. We call this series Tool Time, some people may recognize it from it’s real TV name Home Improvement. C.I.S. is hoping you all learn a little and maybe get a laugh out of this too. Tool Time Ep.1

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This a really fun way of promoting safety. Good Job!

P.S. I may be bias because I love Home Improvement.

Episode 2 of 4607’s Tool Time has been released. It covers the importance of staying safe in the raticale weather we’ve been having.Tool Time Ep.2.

Stay tuned for episode 3 later this week!

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