FRC 4639 The Robospartans | 2024 Build Thread | Open Alliance

FRC 4639 Mock kickoff 11/28/2023

One of the many annual events that our team does to prepare our new members for the build season is that we do a mock kick off, with a closely simulated environment of what the actual kickoff will look like. Last Tuesday we had a successful mock kickoff, simulating the game animation, field preview, game manual breakdown, and the concept portion.

Game Animation and Field Preview

For this year’s mock kickoff, we decided that going with the 2013 Ultimate Ascent Game would be the move, because our team predicted that next year’s game would be somewhat related to disc shaped objects. This is because the name, Crescendo, is music related, which may be related to music discs and vinyl records (or this is a large stretch and we were completely overthinking). Aside from our prediction, we also decided that doing the 2013 game would be optimal because choosing a unique game for mock kickoff would be ideal for a situation which simulates a unique game object never seen before.

The students started off with watching the game animation, followed by watching the series of videos which introduced the field and the game pieces for this year. They took notes during the video and also discussed with each other after the videos.

Game Manual Breakdown

After watching the videos, all the students spent 30 minutes, all in groups of 6 or 7, equally distributing the game manual amongst themselves and taking notes of their designated section in the manual.

After the students were done with taking notes on the manual, they went on and discussed the different portions of the game manual together in a group.

Concept and final discussion portion

After discussing the rules, point distributions, and the rest of the details of the game manual, they finally went to the last section of the Mock Kickoff, which was the concepts portion. This portion included coming up with what subsystems would be needed, basic concepts for the subsystems, and teaching the new members the process of coming up with ideas for prototyping.

Overall it was a successful mock kickoff, and I hope that our new members are now even more prepared for this coming build season.