FRC 4930 Electric Mayhem: Season Recap

Due to our school being closed, we were unable to make a proper reveal, so instead here is our season recap! From kickoff to prototypes to our competition, we are proud to show the evolution of our team and our 2020 Robot: Dr. Teeth.


I’d like to know more about that drivetrain! What made you go with this type of drive?
Is that 4WD with the 2 omnis under the battery as dead axle? I see something running to them but i could be wrong.

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Hi! I’m the programming head of our team, so I don’t know the technical aspects that well, but here is what our mechanical head sent me when I sent her your question:

Our original drivetrain contained two optional omnis that can be driven, the pneumatic tires are driven all the time the Omni wheels in the front are passive and on “springs” aka surgical tubing. We decided on this design after our FTC season. Our miniature FTC robot found the drive train super effective and had great speed and turning abilities so we wanted to do the same thing with this years FRC. Due to the weight and other complications the unique drive train didn’t do as well as we expected and actually had trouble going over the Rendezvous bars.

We ended up changing our entire drive train in a week to six wheel drive 8 in Higrip wheels but didn’t get a chance to compete again

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