FRC 4954 Robot "Aibohphobia"

FRC Team 4954 4-H Palindrome Robotics is proud to announce our 2014 Aerial Assist Robot, Aibohphobia. Aibohphobia consist of a 8" Mechanum Drive Train, a Six Wheel Shooter that consists of a Three Wheel Pickup System, a Catcher system, and a Movable Hopper System. Are you afraid of our Palindrome? Watch our robot bring fear to the competition at Hatboro-Horsham District Competition and Clifton District Competition!


Robot moving videos to come soon!

Looks very good! do the intake mechanisms affect your shot at all?

Thanks! We are working on a video of the robot actually running but you can find a video on our Facebook page of it shooting. The intake mechanism is actually what helps us shoot our ball out. It picks up the ball and a piston pushes the ball through the wheels.

The new link to the video is:

Watch our actual shooter shoot the ball!

That’s a nice shot guys, well done!

Thanks! It mean a lot coming from a veteran team like you guys. :slight_smile: