FRC 5/2 pneumatic exhaust ports as inputs?

Is it possible to use the exhaust ports on a double solenoid as inputs to allow us to actuate a cylinder with one pressure in one direction and another in the other direction using a single double solenoid?

How would you get the air out finally when you were all done with it?

There’s a few other options that will also get you the same result.

For example, there’s no particular prohibition on using a pressure regulator downstream of the primary regulator.
There’s also no prohibition on flow control devices.
And there’s even less prohibition on spring-return cylinders.

We just realized that thanks though

Can you put a regulator after the solenoid on side with the desired lower pressure?

I don’t see a rule against it. Make sure it’s self-relieving!

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I know it sounds like you have gone away from this, but to answer your initial question.
It depends on the solenoid valve. Some solenoid valves use the supply air pressure to help move the spool (the part that directs the air) others use a separate feed (pilot) and some use just the electrical power. (Internal pilot, external pilot and direct acting.)
The Festo valves that come in the kit of parts are internally piloted. So the would not be able to be used backwards.


As far as I am aware, all pneumatic solenoids compatible with the PCM or PCH are pneumatically piloted. The PCM is limited to 500mA for all channels, and the PCH to 200mA for each channel - pneumatic piloting is essential for rapid switching. If there are any FRC useful solenoid valves that are not pneumatically piloted, please let us know!

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