FRC 548 Robostangs 2019 CAD Release

It’s the time of the year when we clean out the team Dropbox and remember to release our CADs. So here it is.

Here is the SOLIDWORKS CAD of the FRC 548 2019 robot COPYCAT:

There was a bit of fit-at-assembly required which is not reflected in the CAD, but it’s pretty accurate besides that.
These files are in the SOLIDWORKS 2019 format. The SOLIDWORKS 2019-2020 educational version is already available to FIRST teams.
A STEP model is also included.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Omni wheels on the corners of the drivebase: were they really hanging out that far from the frame as illistrated in the CAD? or was there a spacer/support that is not shown?


We have acetal/delrin spacers to space the wheel out from the frame, then screws in the end of the shaft with fender washers to retain the wheels in place. There is nothing to support the shaft out there. Over time, one axle acquired a slight wobble but, AFAIK, we haven’t suffered any dramatic failures.

Was it possible to stow your hatch mech. with a hatch in grabbed? for all the world it looks like there is space for that maneuver. Also, was the air pressure the only force lifting the hatch mech. or was there a preload?

We can stow the hatch mech while holding a hatch. That’s how we start the match with a hatch and also be inside our frame perimeter.

The mech is only held up by pneumatics. We installed an extra cylinder on one side to give it a bit more force later in the season.