Frc 5725 - 2017 Glimpse

Here is a glimpse at 5725’s 2017 robot.

Mostly defense I guess? No fuel or gear mechanism?

Nice sheet metal work though.

Sorry about the unfortunate Imgur URL. lol.

We are adding a mechanism for the gears hopefully today but no balls. We do plan to climb though. We still need to add a top sheet or acrylic to the sheet Metal to allow for the gears to slide down but that should be done today aswell.

Oh, I can imagine the gear mechanism now. Clever design.

Very nice solid looking defensive robot. Can’t wait to see it with the climbing mechanism on also.

We plan to not really foucus on defence rather very fast gear cycle times and easy alignment with the gear drop off with the h-drive. We would consider swapping out the omnia for a wheel with more traction and removing the middle wheel for defence if that becomes and issue.

Here’s the climber working.

HELLOOoooooo ::safety::
Job well done hope it runs as good as the bot looks good luck
MOE ::rtm::

Haha thanks. Seems to run pretty good. For the next week it’s just optimising the bot and fine tuning everything.

Super cool looking robot! It looks really clean, and I like how you’re using the bolt sticking out of the shaft collar as a climber.

I love the gear mechanism design! After seeing so many similar gear mechanism designs, it’s cool to see something different. It looks like it’ll work really well.

Makes sense, I didn’t think you were a defense-focused bot.

This is one of my favorite robots I’ve seen so far!

Thanks! we are going to replace the bottom piece of wood with a finished piece of aluminum. we are also currently working on a way to keep the gear at the bottom so we can drive with it not falling out. this is the first year we have done custom sheet metal and so far were really pleased. It is a great improvement from last years robot.