FRC 5813 - Infinite Recharge Robots

FRC Team 5813 is proud to present our robots for the 2020/2021 Infinite Recharge and the 2021 Infinite Recharge At-Home seasons. These robots would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors.

2020 Season - Tornado

Reveal Video

Tornado was our robot for the 2020 season and was going to appear at the Northshore and Southern NH District Events in New England. Unfortunately, the season was cut short right before our first event, and this version of Tornado never got to see the field. In Fall 2020, we did participate in the virtual NH Governor’s Cup event and won the CAD award. This version of Tornado weighed in at 103 pounds.

2021 Season - Microburst

Reveal Video

When the 2021 season started, the team decided to create a smaller, lighter, and simpler robot to compete in the At-Home challenges. The result of this unique season is our smallest and lightest robot yet. Microburst weighs in at just 65 pounds and has a footprint of 21.5 x 24 inches. We competed against a lot of great teams in the Scandium Group of the skills challenges and ended up placing third overall (with first place finishes in the Power Port and Interstellar Accuracy challenges). We would like to thank teams 138 and 1721 for their generosity in providing our team practice space to record our submission videos for the skills challenges as well as team 1517 for lending us their power port for testing at our shop.

2021 Offseason - Tornado (upgraded)

To prepare for any potential events in the 2021 offseason, we upgraded our 2020 robot Tornado using the knowledge we gained when working on Microburst. We updated the intake, swapped the 775Pros on the shooter to Falcons, added a color wheel mechanism, and updated the hopper walls. The updated Tornado weighs in at 110 pounds.

We ended up having an extremely successful offseason in 2021: we were semifinalists at Battlecry 21 Day 1 (131-5813-2067-3461), undefeated winners at Battlecry 21 Day 2 (5813-88-3623-4176), undefeated winners at River Rage 24 (5813-238-131-6763), and winners at Battle of the Bay/NH Governor’s Cup (133-5813-6690). Thank you to all of our alliance partners this offseason! We had a great time working with all of you and hope to work together again soon!

A good video of Tornado in action can be seen in Round Robin 7 of River Rage 24. As far as I know, this is the second unicorn match in New England for 2021.

Despite the difficulties of the past two seasons, we had a great time playing Infinite Recharge and cannot wait to play Rapid React! Good luck to everyone in 2022!


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