FRC 5817 Shooter Prototype Reveal: Asset 003

After having a lot of success with our shooter prototype, we put together a short video showcasing it.

You can watch Asset 003 in action here.

The shot in the video was taken from 22 feet away, about the distance required to shoot from the outer works. And for anybody wondering, the name “Asset 003” was derived from the part number we gave the shooter in CAD.

I like the name! :slight_smile:

How did it do that? Did you put some kind of odd spin on the ball?

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This isn’t really a reveal, since the mechanism is nowhere to be seen. You apparently just showed us you shooter prototype isn’t the most accurate… :confused:

I thought they were revealing their team’s version of the field components…

Actually Michael the shooter prototype they are running is very accurate. The base that the prototype is mounted to is slightly uneven and tends to wobble and the slightest degree difference will mess up the shot. Because it shoots pretty much a straight linear shot, wherever it is aiming it is going to hit. This was just one of the cooler shots that they made with it. I have been browsing other videos around and it is by far the hardest most linear shot that I have seen, and the distance shot from is pretty far too.

Nope no spin on the ball just a hard shot to the right corner.

By posting it under “5817 shooter prototype”???

Looking at the field assembly drawings, isn’t the distance more like 15 ft, or even less if just your back bumpers are over the OUTERWORKS?

From the low bar DEFENSE it is roughly 18-19 feet. So 22 feet at max motor speed & battery would give them margin of control, meaning that as the battery drains down they can still make the 18-19 foot shot at the end of the match.

Though I call shenanigans until the shooter itself is in the camera view ;). With shooters, the devil is always in the details and not the over-arching design.

Ah yes, 15 ft would be the minimum for an OUTERWORKS shot. Thanks.

Could you post a piture of the mechanism, i would like to see the how it compates to ours

I don’t have any pictures right now, but there are plenty of other threads on CD discussing other teams’ prototype shooters.

Here’s a few to get you started:

You can also check out this subforum for more.

Does it shoot the same with a brand new ball and a well worn ball?

Actually, it does! The ball we got at kickoff has holes and duct tape all over it, and it shot almost the exact same as the balls we bought from AndyMark a few days ago.

We got that from the video. :rolleyes:

Our shooter shoots balls so fast we couldn’t actually take video of it because no one could get a camera out fast enough. All we got was a single picture of me getting ready to load it:

Great work by the entire Sanger Rookie team to work through over 20 different designs and layouts for the mechanism before optimizing this one. Look for Video #2 coming out soon to address some of the questions on accuracy.:cool: