FRC 5940 BREAD's 2022 Robot: Brioche

Team 5940, BREAD, is proud to present our 2022 Robot, Brioche!

Here’s the repository with all of our 2022 season code - GitHub - BREAD5940/2022-Onseason: Code for the 2022 FRC Onseason

And here’s a link the link to a google drive folder with a STEP and Parasolid of Brioche’s CAD - Brioche CAD - Google Drive

Since this season was so special for us, we’re including a Houston recap so we can keep this one in the record books :slight_smile: -
Finally, none of this would be possible without the continuous support of our mentors, parents, sponsors, and other members of the FIRST community. Huge thank you to all of you!
We’d be happy answer any questions you have for us!

5940 BREAD


Awesome machine, loved seeing it go far and really establish the team on the world stage.

Excited to see what y’all do next year.


What is the reason for the using quote from cad “chonk” such big of tubing on the climber over smaller sized tubing on the climber?

Also, what is preventing the climber from climbing to traversal?

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Amazing performance this year! Congratulations on making it to Einstien!


Colorado FRC, calm down don’t start chanting bread lol.

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We used the “chonk” tube so that we could fit both belts inside the climber tube.

The original reason we couldn’t do traversal was because of an oversight in our cad that made the climber extend past the 16in limit.

Before champs we decided to swap our climber 180 degrees so that it worked more like 1684’s climber. Unfortunately this only allowed us to climb with a lot of swinging and would result in a lot of failed climbs so we decided to stick to the high climb.

The traversal also would take about 15 seconds, while the high only took 5 and the extra time could be used to put up more balls. We also ended up having all 3 of our alliance partners able to traverse, so at the end of the day there wasn’t any downside to not having the traversal except for ranking points.

In the season we had 3 members working on cad and this made it a lot harder to ensure that all our designs were perfect.

We do plan to update our climber to be able to traverse for the offseason.


What led to the creation of BreadHolonomicDriveController, rather than using WPILib’s HolonomicDriveController?

The code is very well laid out. Great work this year.


Good question!
There were 2 main reasons:

  1. The regular HolonomicDriveController class doesn’t enable continuous output on the theta controller. We did that here -
  2. The bigger reason was to use a PIDController instead of the ProfiledPIDController that the regular HolonomicDriveController has. We just found the ProfiledPIDController to behave finnicky at times and lead to erroneous behavior. We never figured out if this was a user or implementation issue, but we’re going to implement our own version next year so that it makes debugging these sorts of things a bit easier. Using the PIDController was a quick fix that did everything we needed it to.

Hope this helps,


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