FRC 5940's 2021 robot, Bagel

Team 5940 is proud to present our 2021 robot, Bagel!

We would love to answer any questions about design and construction of the robot, or anything else you would like to know! Here is a short page about Bagel’s functions. Bagel was designed In the summer of 2020 around being the optimal bot for Infinite Recharge. While this didn’t turn out to be ideal for IR@H Challenge’s, if there are off season comps, Bagel will rip:)

A big thanks to 118 for shooter and climber inspiration and hosting virtual pits, as well as 1690 and 148 for spindexer inspiration. Also a big shoutout to Teh Cheesy Poofs for sharing which turret bearings they used on backlash on Chief, as well as 2910 for making amazing swerve modules!

(also F in the chat for everyone’s carpet this year)


Cool robot!