FRC 5987 Galactic Swerve Mk3 V2

We received a lot of feedback after my last post about the custom swerve design our team plans to build this offseason.
We have made three big changes to the design:

  1. We took @PatrickW 's advice and changed the module’s gear ratio from 11.64 : 1 to 7.5 : 1 using Andymark’s 16T Falcon pinion, changing our module’s free speed from 3 [m/s] / 9.6[ft/s] to 4.9[m/s] / 16.07[ft/s].
  2. Since we are using 5mm plates for our swerve we added a thicker block to support the bearing’s full width.
  3. We found a way to mount the Talon SRX to the module without enlarging it’s footprint, so we added it as can be seen in the renders.

We have already started manufacturing the module so we can’t really make changes but we would still like to get feedback.

Updated CAD will be uploaded soon.

Renders of the V2 module:

The block that we added to support the bearing:

The main pulley we CNC milled from HDPE (more info can be found in this post):

Some V1 Renders for comparison:

V2 Specs:
Weight: 2.16kg / 4.75lbs
Footprint: 180mm x 142mm x 133.5mm / 7in x 5.6in x 5.25in
Drive Gear Ratio: 7.5 : 1
Free Speed: 4.9 [m/s] / 16.07 [ft/s]
Steering Gear Ratio: 43.17 : 1
Free Speed: 7.2 [rps]

V1 Specs:
Weight: 2.16kg / 4.75lbs
Footprint: 176mm x 131.6mm x 133.5mm / 7in x 5.2in x 5.25in
Drive Gear Ratio: 11.64 : 1
Free Speed: 3 [m/s] / 9.6 [ft/s]
Steering Gear Ratio: 43.17 : 1
Free Speed: 7.2 [rps]


I’m assuming that the 7in measurement is the height given that it is the largest and a 5.6in tall module with motor shafts facing down would require some very creative motor placement. I’m wondering how you managed to make the module so short, a 4in wheel plus a 3.2in tall falcon is already more than the height you stated and that is with zero space between the motor and the wheel. The standoffs appear to be about 1.5in so adding that to the height of the wheel and motor the height of the module should be closer to 8.7in tall. Am I misunderstanding your measurement or missing something about the module?

The measurement is from the top of the profile the swerve is mounted to. The height measurement is 5.25in.

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