FRC 599 Robodox Scale Practice post LA Regional

Hello all,

Team 599, Robodox, made some significant improvements to our intake since the Los Angeles regional. Previously, we had trouble holding the cube tightly as we turned, because the arms would spring open and lose contact with the cube.

Since then, we’ve added stops to prohibit the intake arms from opening past a certain point (mandating constant contact with the cube in any orientation). We also spaced the wheels further and added a conforming plate to the back of the intake to decrease frontward spin, which had also caused us to drop cubes. Since then, we have not dropped a single cube in one spring break’s worth of testing!

Here is the video of our new run:

Note that this is the six foot scale, and is lacking the fence that would stop some cubes from falling.
Enjoy the almost-fall at the end!

This intake is awesome! Very nice work! I am curious though, are the wheels when spitting out the cube a variable, human controlled speed, or is it a constant rate the human does not control? We added the variable speed and it really helped our precise placement.

The speed is variable, allowing fine placement or short distance shooting. We’re actually using the jogwheel at the bottom of the joystick to control the outtake speed, which the drivers like a fair amount

Also, the rapid back-and-forth cube-setting motion is a single-button action.

It’s really helpful if a cube comes in oddly and/or incompletely and you don’t want to waste time spitting it out and re-intaking.