FRC 6171 Chain Reaction - Snapshot

As one of our first posts we think it would be a good idea to give a brief synopsis of our pre-season and current competition season:

Mech Pre-Season:

  • Taught CAD Sketching, Parts, and Assemblies to all members

  • Recorded video tutorials and posted them for future reference on our Google Classroom

  • “Finished” Organizing the Mech Room (You can’t really finish because it requires regular upkeep)

  • Took inventory and requested parts needed for season

  • Assembled our MK4 L2 SDS Swerve Modules, and taught our drive subsystem how to take it apart and reassemble it quickly

  • Took a tour of all of our tools and power tools, going over operating procedures and safety as well as location and names.

  • Had new members research subsystems from previous FRC competitions in small groups, make a presentation and a small scale lego prototype, and present

  • Hosted Mech Games Season 2 to help bring everyone closer together before season kickoff.

Mech Competition Season Goals:

  • Have a mechanically working drive frame (Bumpers, Bellypan, Swerve Modules) and “game-piece manipulator” subsystem designed by week 2

  • Build and attach a “minimum viable product” of subsystems by week 4

  • Work through issues and improve those designs with software and electrical

SWE Pre-Season:

  • Introduced to new members how basic FRC code looks and works like teaching how to code a basic tank drive and a simple subsystem class.

  • Showed how you couldn’t change the arguments and objects used in the class based on what subsystem it was for.

  • Got into looking at swerve code and changing various values and constants based on how our swerve drivetrain was built and what worked best for us.

  • Coded an intake shooter subsystem class that was used for our bot at NTX.

  • Continued looking into swerve code and making sure all members understood how each method in each class worked and what they did to help perform the overall function.

  • Fixed issues in the swerve code like any expired code that couldn’t be used anymore while transferring them onto the 2023 Replit.

  • As for Apriltags, we have a basic setup going for both limelight and photon vision to make sure it works.

Software Competition Season:

  • Finish fixing any errors and issues in the swerve code

  • Start testing the code once bot is ready for testing and fix any errors during testing

  • Code the subsystems that will be used on the bot and test them once they are on the bot ready to be tested (deployable)

  • Limelight and Apriltags set up and code

Electrical Competition Season:

  • Create a working electrical board

  • Draw up a schematic that demonstrates connectivity between 8 motor controllers and a power source using 2-way Wagos

  • Hopefully obtain 3 way Wagos so we don’t have to shove a bunch of wires in one wago port - - - Ensure whatever motor mech’s mechanism has built is properly connected to the rest of the wiring

  • Integrate Limelight and photon vision for future games Ensure drivers have proper training time (first on west coast, then swerve)

BAM (Business and Marketing) Pre-Season:

  • We submitted a multitude of grant applications over the course of our pre-season, getting our members familiar with professional formatting and writing to get them ready for the Impact Award’s essay and executive summaries. Our team was awarded around $4,000 from various grants (so very helpful to our team, so we recommend you divert a decent effort to them as well!)
  • Worked on creating a professionally formatted sponsorship packet to be sent off to any potential via email, or directly handed to them in person during a presentation.
  • Stay Day (3d dinos, drawstrings, phone socket thingies)
  • We really believe in making sure our team members are familiar with each other in a way that reinforces a strong chemistry during our competition season. So, during our pre-season we hosted a team bonding event at Pinstack. Through bowling, laser tag, and arcade games each of our members got a clearer image of what their fellow members were like.

BAM (Business and Marketing) Competition Season:

  • Designing a new T-shirt and logo that better fit the image of our team.
  • Building connections within the community and raising funds through grant applications and sponsorship outreach.
  • Participating in community outreach; local volunteering, promoting robotics inside and outside our school, etc…
  • Working on and submitting the 2023 FRC Impact Award alongside other awards like the Woodie Flowers Award.
  • Establishing a social media presence by consistently posting across various social media platforms; Tik tok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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