FRC 6328 Mechanical Advantage 2020-2021 Build Thread

Congratulations for the big Chairmans win! Absolutely well deserved. You guys have an amazing program going! Keep it up for DCMP!

Also loved watching your robot compete on the field Sunday. Sad to see you come so close, I was very exited watching from the sidelines!

Your team spirit is so impressive and something to be desired by many other teams (especially your “call” to your younger drivers in the stands which was hilarious to listen to). Overall just a fun team to be around who truly embodies the values of FIRST and takes full “advantage” of it.

Good luck in the future and I can’t wait to see you guys at DCMP!


This weekend was beyond amazing and I am so proud to be a part of this incredible team! If you follow me on social media you can find my full #sappycoachpost there :grin:

Keeping in the spirit of #openalliance, I would like to share our Chairman’s submission and supporting documentation with the community.

Chairman’s Essay:

Chairman’s Executive Summary:

Chairman’s Definition Chart (Template provided by FRC 125, we love you Nutrons!):

The definition chart was accompanied by a slideshow that had documentation (emails, letters, texts, pictures, etc.) to back up each bullet point. I am not going to share the slideshow because it has emails, texts, etc, that should not be shared publicly.

We also developed an outreach event tracking spreadsheet that allows us to have exact numbers for total events, man hours, etc. We use a similar system for FLL mentor hours tracking. You can find the 2019 spreadsheet here:

Lastly, we have a growing list of resources we love to share with the FIRST community. You can find the 2020 versions in the Google Drive folder linked below:

Two new ones we developed for 2020 include How to Start a Girl Up Club and How to Conduct a Sponsor Campaign (our sponsor campaign brought in 18 new sponsors for 2020, highly recommend checking out our strategy!) These are in the FRC/FTC Resources folder. We printed out all the resources and documentation sheets and compiled into a single 5" thiccccc binder to leave with the judges.

The last piece of our CA submission was a 6328 Family Scrapbook, where every student and mentor on the team created a scrapbook page with their FIRST story. We really wanted to emphasize the importance of family on our team this year, and we felt this was a great way to do it. We also left this with the judges.

I don’t have a link for our video yet, but once I do I will post it here. It makes me cry every time I watch it!

I am so proud of our Chairman’s presenting team. I have had the honor of knowing these ladies since they were little FLL nuggets back in 2015, and they did an incredible job telling our story in 7 short minutes. I am also incredibly grateful to have my robo-mom Michelle in my life, who was instrumental in preparing our Chairman’s submission this year.

Our Lilly Pulitzer drip (a new word the kids seem to be using these days) was ON POINT this weekend as well

And, again, hate to do this year but the truth needs to be told. Dave took it upon himself to take a nap on the banner after we won, further proving he does nothing on the team but drink milk, play on his phone and take naps :angry:

Super excited for our next adventure to Ottawa in 2 weeks! Our team bully Lizzy is happy we are going out of district so she has new people to mess with. She is small but frightening and will shark your hoodie so watch out Canada :eyes:


MORE PROOF!!! :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


Here’s a playlist of most of the matches we recorded from Northern CT!


Finally got around to cleaning up the CAD a little, here’s a link to the .STEP model of the robot that we ran at Northern CT. We’ll be uploading a rev of the CAD after each event to help document the changes over the course of our season.

Here’s the robot!

We’re also going to have a special guest blog post coming soon to help us review our performance at Northern CT. The team was happy with their performance but we know there is a ton of room to improve, so we’re open and hoping for as much feedback as possible!

After the event, the team took a couple days off, then we sat down on Wednesday to do our full team event recap. In this meeting, we sit down, discuss what the team did well and not so well. One of the biggest lessons we’re trying to bring home with the students is the ability to give and get constructive feedback. This is something I think is incredibly important not only in robotics but in life. The powerpoint is pretty messy because we were actively editing it together as we went.


The biggest take away in terms of robot performance include:
Develop a better intake (we run over balls like 60% of the time)
Driver practice (we take way to long to get shots off and get tagged a lot with defense)
Driver practice (practice trench shot and fender shot)
Change our hood angle so we shoot from slightly farther back in the trench
Develop new hanging system (we take forever and the arms are a little to wiggly, also need to make hooks larger)

The only things we are changing for our Canananandadada event is our intake(if shirish would get off his phone and start CADing), and getting a ton more practice. We’re hoping to have the rest of these changes for Greater Boston.

As always, any questions, please ask!


The weather is unusually warm here. So excited to see you guys next week.


Congratulations! Your documentation log is so organized and easy to follow–thank you for sharing!


We’re a little bummed it’s so warm! We were looking forward to skating the canal on Friday night!


I was actually looking at the pictures you sent me on slack lead milk mentor


wow first post was a good one! Since you’re here do you want to post up some pictures of the new intake prototype and geometry? :slight_smile:


Alright, yeah! So after our first event, we looked at the intake performance and saw that during matchplay, some balls would get driven over due to the intake rollers spinning at a relatively low speed. Additionally, we noticed that after being intaked, many balls would pop up and over the sides of the intake. Also, when our intake was in the ‘up’ position, we noticed a pinch point for the balls at the edges of the intake plates and the front shafts of the hopper. We sat down and considered these points and decided that we had to make some changes to address these issues. 1) We decided that adding a third roller would be beneficial in containing the balls better in our hopper 2) Instead of a drop-down intake, we agreed upon a four bar mechanism (Credit to team Dave, 3683) that would work similarly to the drop down using pistons, but the intake travel would be more linear as opposed to vertical 3) To address the ‘pinching’ issue, we decided upon moving from continuous rollers to using mecanum wheels and 50A durometer stealth wheels on all three rollers to funnel balls towards our hopper more efficiently 4) Our three rollers are now in a circular path (in a collinear roller path, there would be far too much compression at the middle roller and it would cause balls to slow down significantly when they reached the top of the bumper) We’re working on finalizing the CAD and are working towards beginning manufacturing so we can have this on the robot for Robottowa!


Four-bar intake is dope af, thanks for posting this update!


What’s the compression between the intake and the bumper? Our team has also run into issues with our intake being too slow/unreliable.


Yeah! For this intake, we have 0.875 inches of compression (6.125 inches from the bottom of the roller to the ground), here’s a screenshot of the 2d sketch

For the compression from the middle roller to the bumper, it’s approximately 6.165 inches (8.29 inches center to center from roller to bumper, (8.29-(1+1.125)) ).
Ignore the messiness :grimacing:


Unfortunately FirstCanada has cancelled all events for week three cancelling Carleton. Hopefully this virus passes away soon.


This is truly devastating for our team, we had a meeting last night to discuss the cancellation, our team had decided to pull the plug on the trip prior to the announcement of cancellation for the obvious fear that someone on our team could potentially bring Convid-19 with them to Ottawa. Ottawa has relatively few cases right now, but unfortunately the Boston area is quickly becoming a hotspot. We felt it was our social obligation to avoid risking this. I feel for our students but am proud of how well they took the news, we are still motivated to continue work on the robot to get it to be as good as we know it can be.

On the note of all this, I’d just like to take a minute to express our gratefulness being able to get one play in. There are many teams robot that wont touch the field this year and I feel for them.


Thank you for your teams contribution to #openalliance this year, it’s helped out our team a bunch. I hope y’all consider doing it again next year, I’ll join you.


Where’s the milk?


Bumping this to ask how these gearboxes held up. Did you experience any problems with bending or cracking with the 3DP plates? Also, what is the gearing on your drive train?