FRC 6328 Mechanical Advantage Reveal 2017

We are proud to present our rookie robot to you all!

Competing at Granite State and Southern New Hampshire.


Holy crap. Rookie All-Star of the world right here.

Nice job 6328!

If your climber is just the long rod with velcro I don’t think it will be able to activate the touchpad as you will hit the c-channel first.

Great googily moogily, I’m rather spooked. What a clever robot. Best of luck!

Trust the process.

Great looking robot not just for a rookie!

Terrific product result for any team, knockout for rookie.
My only concern, does climber stay inside volume restriction when active?

Wow! Awesome bot guys!

Thank you very much!

Yes, it does stay in the volume restriction. The climber starts the match rotated up, and when we drive forward in “ludicrous mode” the climber falls down onto our rubber bumpers on the superstructure. It then remains in the maximum dimensions of the robot. When used and sticking up, it remains within the volume during its entire sweep, with 0.125" to spare.

Very nice but you clearly got the digits on your bumpers in the wrong order. :slight_smile:


But like others said, I would be interested in seeing how this is going to turn on the touchpad.

Good job! Lol I’d like to see this 1v1 with a rookie team near us! It would be an epic clash, because they’re both VERY good looking robots. I look forward to seeing you guys preform! I’ll bookmark your team on TBA.

Wow, very solid robot! I love the climbing arm, that was a great idea.

Good. Y’all better start making reservations for St. Louis.

Wow, looks amazing! Can’t wait to see you all at Granite State! :smiley:

Pretty nice robot… Real rookie inspiration… Congrats

Nice job 6328!

Every year there are a couple of rookie robots that blow everyone’s minds. I think we’ve found the first one of this season. Great job.

Thank you.

This is actually a long overdue thank you. Your advice to design within your means, and do what you can do well, was a driving force behind this robot.

Under those bumpers are 4 kit-bot frame rails, WCP SS gearboxes, and VexPro wheels, belts and pulleys. Very little time was spent to figure it out, just a few holes to drill, and it let us spend the time designing elsewhere, while having a solid drivetrain.

Extra time meant driver practice as well.

Your advice and the advice of team 1114 is what provided us with the general path to follow. Thank you.


Love it!