FRC 6328 Presents Re-Bot, our 2019 off-season project!

Here at FRC Team 6328 Mechanical Advantage, out of Littleton MA we are focused on always iterating and always learning. In that spirit, we wanted to build upon the lessons of 2019 and design a completely new robot for the off-season.

We used this project to get students involved in different aspects of the robot build they might not normally get the opportunity to in the heat of the build season. A huge thank you to our friends over at FRC2168, The Aluminum Falcons, for graciously letting us use the design for the cheesecake climber(which will be on and working by the end of the weekend(I’m saying it here so we have to actually make it happen)). I’m incredibly proud of all of the hard work everyone put in, and a huge thank you to all of our sponsors that supported this project. We will be competing at Battlecry this weekend as well as a bunch of different offseason events around New England!

Without further ado, I’m proud to present, ReBot!

Reveal Video


-Dave Powers


Did you guys do any development with the Succ?

The succ was pretty much completely created/tested/developed by our friends over at 2168. The current state of our clone of their design is about 70% completed. Over the next weekend we’ll be finishing it up and running some tests so hopefully I’ll be able to answer a lot more questions then.

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I am a 6328 fan now. Awesome job!




That’s fire


Glad to see you back with a team @davepowers!

Love the smiles on the kid’s faces during testing.


Good to be back!

That’s the best part about this for me, the team has a great group of students that are willing and eager to learn, you can’t beat that!


Thank you!


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Solid easter eggs on that bad boy. Super excited to see it this weekend

I’m impressed. I wish I could be there to see it play. Best of luck!

From CAD to Battlecry winner in 4 weeks. That robot is the real deal and so is 6328. Playing together was a blast.


It did kinda ok I guess


Thanks dude, had a great time with y’all!


I’ll take it

Will the cad for the suction climb be release?

I didn’t include it in our public CAD model as it was created by the engineers and designers on 2168, i’m not sure if they’re planning on releasing the CAD.

Did the new 2020 stop build day rules have any influence on the decision to build a new off-season bot? This certainly seems like a good case study for teams who have the resources and would be tempted to rebuild after the first few weeks of competition. Having done this, and executed it at a successful level, do you think that a rebuild mid-season is feasible from a cost/man-hour/time perspective?

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