FRC 6377 2023 Robot, Sidewinder

A few action shots of our robot at the San Antonio district event. Looking forward to district champs!


Super impressive robot.

I love how compact it is and quick it is. I wish we would have been paired up at some point.

Good luck and we will see you at state.


Also a big fan of the super compact design! Can you explain a bit what’s going on with the belt path in the intake?


Basically it’s a 3 roller design, but for the middle roller we used a serpentine belt instead of gears to reverse the direction. We originally needed a longer belt before we reduced the size of the intake, but we couldn’t different belt fast enough for the more compact intake. To compensate we had to add in idlers so that’s why the belt path is so complicated looking. Those idlers increase the teeth engagement though so it’s for the best that we went with longer belt. Overall the serpentine belt helps robustness outside frame perimeter because it’s more flexible than gears and has a lower unique part count.


We have been working on a few new tricks for our next event. This is one of our favorites so far:


I guess that’s one way join the cube launchers club.

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