FRC 701 - RoboVikes 2012 Build Video

Here’s a recap of our Build Season in an “Epic” style video. We’ll be the Sacramento (week 3) and Spokane (week 6) Regionals. Good Luck to all and let the games begin!!

WOW. That was AMAZING! I’ve seen 701 bots before, but this is just amazing! Excellent engineering, excellent robot, excellent everything! The only part I don’t like is the fact we won’t be competing together. :frowning: Maybe if 256 can get a win this year, we can meet at the championships. :wink:

Once again, great season, great robot, and my only request is we see more.

This year more so than ever before our team pushed what it was capable of, and it’s showing. Now it just needs to continue through at competition. :smiley:

Hopefully we’ll get 3 bots balancing in eliminations.

This robot just looks awesome. I noticed the cuts after every attempt to balance with a robot on top of you. Ever do this successfully?

Awesome robot and design! Creative idea with the whole robot driving on your robot. looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento!

We were able to balance a couple of times with a robot on top of us and even did a three bot balance twice. It’s just one of those things that was really tough to practice and we didn’t have the cameras rolling all the time to capture it. Our main problem was our practice bot clearance was about a 1/2" so we were never really able to drive it fully onto our bot, it would always hang up on our “bay doors”. Our other tall robot in the video was from 2011 and has a 1" clearance and can easily move onto our bot, but it is non operational, so we had to just push it on. That’s why that part of the video cuts directly to it already on the bot. Like Steven said, we really pushed ourselves this season building two bots and detailing out the comp bot. The robot will be competitive even without going for the 3 bot balance. OUr drivers have a bunch of practice time in, going after balls and sending them to the other side of the field as well as shooting baskets. But definitely it was a big goal for us this year to try something pretty crazy, and when the opportunity presents itself to do the piggyback bot balance we will hopefully amaze the crowd.

I can’t tell whether I like the reveal video or the robot better…
Anyways, Great Job!
I’ll be watching for you in the regionals!

One question: If you took the horns off your ball collector, will it fit under the bridge? It looks like it won’t fit with the horns on, but possibly without the horns. This could be useful later on for gathering balls fro underneath, and lifting the bridge for a partner on the other side.

As far as i know, that ball collector is being redesigned to be able to lower the bridge while also holding a robot on top, I’m not sure about that idea though of shortening the horns as it would possibly hurt our ability to lock a robot in on top of us, but it does sound useful…

This is a bit late, but I finally started my forum account, so…
To answer your question, observe these videos

I was the head designer and driver for this robot (plus editor and shooter of the video) and i modified our intake system so our horns can fit under the bridge and could be used as bumper holders. The stacking did take lots of practice, but after a few sucessful stacks, it was a breeze.

And if you want to see our progress and failures:

Awesome! Thanks man! Good luck in 2013!

I never did tell you how fun it was to have you on our alliance at CalGames. You guys were amazing an defender and balancer. I can’t wait to see you guys at Sac again this year!

Can you make Truck Town Thunder a video!? That was awesome!

I believe Jellery was talking to me about making a T3 video.

Also, congrats on your 11th post! :smiley:

Eventually I will have more posts than you!

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this robot before now.

That is one cool bot. I have to ask though, what did your shooting accuracy turn out to be?


Not too terribly accurate. If positioned correctly in the key, it would make 1 of 2 typically. It could only hold two balls at a time. In auto mode it would score half of the time. Once out of every 4 matches, we would make both auto shots. It did a great job of tracking down balls on the other side of the field and passing them to the offense.

The bot was built to balance and the drivers were really good at it, even with a piggyback’d robot on it.

Here’s a video from one of our Qualification matches from Spokane Regional…