FRC 71 Team Hammond 2022 Build Thread

I’m excited to announce that 71 - Team Hammond will be part of the #openalliance for this upcoming season.

It’s been a rough autumn with the passing of a legend and mentor-extraordinaire in Mr.Noble, but we’re geared up for the season.

We’ll be posting strategy, design, and code updates on this thread. This will also be the first year our students are utilizing CAD with OnShape — those models will be posted here as well.

Through this thread, we hope to present our ideas to the FIRST community while also receiving feedback. We want to get help and give help.

We will be competing at:

  • FIN Columbus
  • FIN Tippecanoe
  • Hopefully at the IN DCMP and beyond

Looking forward to January 8th!


71 Team Hammond is feeling the heat of the build season, but takes time to provide an overview of their CAD, assembled chassis and concept for their meme climb on The Open Alliance Show



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