FRC 7125 Tigerbotics 2023 Build Thread


We are super excited to officially join #openalliance this year! ( We technically joined at the end of last year so only posted on discord. ) As a team it has always been our standard to be open with our findings and development, mostly by sharing on Facebook. By joining the #openalliance we hope to more formally share our process, while also working together with other teams to be more successful.

Somewhat unfortunately, Tigerbotics is not always the most “successful” team, due to many factors such as: being student lead (mostly), rural small school, and time available to students; we sometimes struggle with organization, funding, and general effort. Not that this can’t be overcome, nor does it stem entirely from the symptoms above, but it is definitely something we currently struggle with. Due to this Tigerbotics does not necessarily strive to be the best team, but we simply strive to go above and beyond our reasonable goals, do better than we previously have, and most importantly have fun. If you’re not having fun, why do it.

With that here are our goals for this year:

  • Attend DCMP again
  • Be in an alliance at every event
    • Bonus: To be 1st pick or even captain
  • Keep all members productive
  • Have fun

We will be attending the following competitions:

  • Week 1 - Waco
  • Week 2 - Belton

Important Links:

Thanks for reading our spiel.
- Jeff M - Co-Captain

P.S. - Expect our build thread to be as unorganized as our shop.