FRC 7407 Pride Month Fundraiser 2022 - Protect Trans Lives

FRC 7407 is excited to start Pride Month 2022 a little early this year! Given the recent situation with Worlds being held in Houston, TX and members of the trans community expressing how unsafe and dismissed many feel given this choice, we have decided to focus our efforts on trans rights and causes for Pride Month 2022.

We have set up a TeeSpring shop with the graphic above on apparel and accessories, and will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Save Our Sisters United Inc (S.O.S.U). S.O.S.U is a Houston, TX based organization aimed at “Breaking barriers and stigma, while standing in solidarity and holistically empowering Black individuals of Trans experience, all Trans people of color and women of ethnic minority.” More info on S.O.S.U can be found here: About Us - Save Our Sisters United, Inc.

Here is a link to the TeeSpring shop:

For each item purchased, $5-$7 is raised towards our fundraiser. Please share with everyone you know, and let’s raise some money for a very important and close to home cause! It is up to each and every one of us in the FRC community to ensure the trans community feels heard, respected, safe and cared for :transgender_flag:


Oh my, is it Pride month already? Great work on these designs to the 7407 crew! I love to see these fundraisers, but have way too many robotics shirts.

The first three people to message me with a size, style, shipping address, and cute animal gif get a free item!

Edit: 3/3 taken!


Is there a pin badge?

We have stickers, coffee mugs and Fanny packs!


Thanks to everyone who has purchased items from the store so far! We are well on our way to raising enough to be a “Community Titan” for Save Our Sisters United - every donation makes a difference.

Community Titans make a massive difference for S.O.S.U. The image below describes how far $100 goes!

Let’s make FIRST a Community Titan for S.O.S.U two times over! We have not only adult shirts, tank tops and hoodies, but kids’ sizes, fanny packs, mugs and stickers!

Link To Shop:


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