FRC 7461 Sushi Squad 2023 Build Thread

Bro your team is the actual grindset wth


The recap is coming soon!

Anyway, the 1 DOF dream is dead in terms of design changes. Long live 1.5 DOF.

The main idea is that programming can just work on alpha normally. Whenever we feel like it, “cheesecake” the l3 pneumatic piston system on, then they just have to do a piston extension to get l3 cones.

I wanted to get 1dof working, though, its a shame, but this should be less of a time investment than figuring out geometry constantly, and programming has to do less work.

Hopefully, for beta, we will have a larger superstructure, better battery placement, and a lot of ballast, as well as a new drive train made specifically for this game. (and a cone ramp!)


what went wrong with your original design?

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Didn’t want to do any heavy architecture changes, and the way we were going to do it required a lot of cone launching/shooting, so although it would look cool, it would be inconsistent and hard to do.

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Ah so it was the length that your arm reached? I’m curious to know how the drop down intake and the superstructure of your robot handled, as we are doing similar things in our design!

Edit: By your superstructure i mean how your CG was affected by it!


I’m not particularly sure what you mean, but I didn’t change anything to add the pneumatic piston. The CG is pretty low, though.

There are about 20 lbs of ballast I can add, and the battery is in the front of the robot and not the back, so for beta/final robot (not sure which one we’ll do), it should be a lot more centered once I move the battery and add ballast.

(i also flipped the piston)

How does the L3 cones work with the 1.5 dof bot?

it kinda just vaugely launches them onto the cone, should work good enough


My apologies, I meant did the drop down intake pickup cubes and cones effectively?

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I made a mistake in the master sketch, so the intake had a bit too much compression, we did a temp fix, but we’re replacing the plates tomorrow with proper compression. We won’t be picking up ground cones for now.

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mini update:
Max planetaries are now lowered with a 2nd stage reduction to keep MP bearings safe (not done on alpha)
2nd piston and overkill 3dp spacers to spread loads appropriately and ensure the extension is consistent.


On technicality we are on schedule. Holiday today so only 8 ppl came, still good work though.




Robot is now done mechanically and electrically! Electrical systems check done and everything looks clear.

Expect testing videos on thurs/Saturday


Day 10 of our rookie season, 4 years ago.

Insanely proud of y’all :blue_heart:


This is really impressive! Your speed is nuts!

Important question though - do you still have apparel for sale?


How would you guys rate the experience using the MAX Tube? It seems like it helped a lot with the speed of your guy’s CAD/Assembly.

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It was pretty nice to not have to machine tube. That being said, it would have been nice if rev sold a jig for cutting the tube with the proper offsets, as it’s really easy to cut the right length and wrong hole count/hole spacing, and it messes up everything up. Our team is still pretty inexperienced, so we struggled a lot with that, which slowed down our assembly a lot. Still think it’s very good though.


Thank you! I’m checking with our imagery lead so I’ll send an update post when I get an update.


Do you guys make drawings or do you just do like a cut list (ex. i need x 12 in sections etc)?

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