FRC 747 - Flight Crew, Cleared For Takeoff!

I would like to officially announce the launch of a NEW VETERAN FRC Team, FRC747 Flight Crew!


FRC747 is comprised of a mentor team that originally served as mentors for FRC869 PowerCord which was associated with the Middlesex High School. Unfortunately, the Middlesex High School Administration enacted a policy that the mentors felt would greatly hinder their FRC team’s development. As a result, the mentors worked together to create a new team that is based in the community and has no official association with any local school system. This allows the team to continuously improve and grow in the positive projected directions that have been set forth.

The mentors informed the existing FRC869 student members and their parents of the transition and asked if they would like to migrate to the new team FRC747. It was made very clear that they were not expected to automatically move to the new team and that there would be no ill will if they declined to join. The students and their parents were allowed some time to weigh the pros and cons of the change, and we are proud to say that FRC747 had a 100% retention rate. All students and their parents believe in the new team and the new direction! Some new students have even come on board excited to be a part of it!

On a personal note, as a 14-year member of team 869, I am very sad to see it go. That team was a major part of my life, directly impacting my professional progression and helping to mold me into the person I am today. The complicated situation that the Administration put forward made it evident that separation from the school was the only possible direction that would not compromise the amazing experience our students get as a part of our robotics team. Again, the all-encompassing goal of our organization is to provide the best, most beneficial experience possible for every member of our team.

So, after a turbulent few months, we hoist a new flag, and don new colors with a shiny new logo. Yes, there are aspects that will be different for us former 869ers. But much will remain the same. We will give 100%. We will not take on any projects that we do not plan to finish in the best possible manner. We will be gracious and professional and, above all else, we will keep moving forward.

Fasten your seat belts everyone, because FRC747 Flight Crew is cleared for takeoff!

This is great to hear! When 1712 students heard that 869 would no longer be competing, we were really disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to see our Champs alliance partners again. I’m sure everyone will be thrilled about 869’s rebirth as 747.

I hope your transition with sponsors goes as smoothly as possible. Based on what we know of the fantastic students and mentors on 869, I’m sure the Flight Crew’s first returning years will be impressive.

1626 Falcon Robotics is also happy to hear that our friends at 869 have transformed into 747. As always if we can be of any assistance do not hesitate to ask. We’re pulling for you. See you in the air!

I’m so happy to hear that, although the 869 number is being retired, the students and mentors will be returning. My posts here are usually solely my opinion and not on behalf of Team 1257, but in this case I think I speak for the team as well when I welcome you back for the new year. Please let me know if there’s any way we can help with this transition.

Pun intended? :smiley: Amazing news about your team! Cool name and logo; they definitely fit the number. :slight_smile: Glad to hear that everyone stayed, and you got some new people as well. Best of luck to everyone with 747!

I, along with the entirety of Team 1640, am glad to hear that the students and mentors of 869 will continue as Team 747! If you need any help during this transition, please feel free to contact us.

So I have to ask, you sponsored by Boeing?

I gotta say, the choice of team name and logo given the number makes me so happy.

This sounds like fun for regionals. Your drivers could be in pilot uniforms and the rest of the students dressed up as flight attendants.

Glad to hear there’s a new team! Good luck this year!

Maybe the human players could be dressed as the baggage crew(the people who put checked bags on the plane?) :stuck_out_tongue:

The drive team yesterday all had flight suits reminding me of 1717.


So feel free to not respond to this because it may be a sore subject but how much of 869’s resources was 747 allowed to take. I know you said that you had 100% of the team join 747 but what about things like tools, old robots, trophies, or money. I only ask because I helped a team in a similar situation a few years ago and the school would give up none of those things so I wanted to just compare

Hey James, PM me and I can run your through the several month negotiations we had to go through. Thanks!

New Look, Same Great Team!

747 is a true class act. This past weekend they showed up at 9AM on Friday to help us with field setup for Brunswick Eruption and were the last team to leave on Saturday after teardown. During the event, they literally went the extra mile(s) to drive to the store and purchase new parts to give to other teams. We can’t wait to compete with 747 again next season!

So I’m just curious because no on else has asked this but what were some of the polices that were enacted that would have made it hard on the team?

I know one of the teams I used to mentor left the school district because the director of the career center they had us working out of didn’t like FIRST as a program, really weird, and made it really hard on the team to get resources. They were able to retain their number but had a long fight too keep it and all the old robots and some of the tools.

Also how were you able to transition to the number 747. If you were forming a new team wouldn’t you have to get a rookie number. The only way I understand that you can get another number that isn’t a rookie number is if there was an old team outside the school district that has been since disbanded, and that you have now since restarted.

Assuming they had more than five kids on the old team, they are a New Veteran. (Bullet point 6.)

You are correct Billfred, given the current composition of our new team, we would qualify as a “New Veteran”.

I know one of the teams I used to mentor left the school district because the director of the career center they had us working out of didn’t like FIRST as a program, really weird, and made it really hard on the team to get resources. They were able to retain their number but had a long fight too keep it and all the old robots and some of the tools.

As far as this goes, we have been in lengthy deliberations with the administration, if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me and I can run you through specifics.

While I am sad to see 869 go, I’m glad the last season for 869 was a great one even with the unfortunate circumstances. I am also happy that there still is a program for the amazing students of 747.

Congrats on a successful rebranding. I hope this season is fantastic for your new-ish team.

PS. How can I get a shirt? I totally want/might need one. Also, I apologize in advance for all of the airplane puns that will happen.

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