FRC 836 - The RoboBees Proudly Present: Frizz Bee

The RoboBees are proud to present their 2013 robot, Frizz Bee.

  • 26" x 26" x 28" (tall)
  • Single speed, 4 CIM motor drive - 12ft/s (actual)
  • Adjustable shooter
  • Feeder station load
  • Kinect vision system
  • Inside Climber

Of course, here is the unveiling of Frizz Bee.

As if Palmetto needed another reason to be the scariest regional nobody is talking about… jeez.

Killer robot. Glad you spent time making the video extra intimidating with the glow in the dark frisbees and the like.

See you in DC :smiley:

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Neat robot! Does the climber go to the 3rd level as well, or just the 2nd? We’ll see you this Thursday at Palmetto I guess!

Great robot! I really like the name you guys gave it. Can’t wait to see it in DC!

Very solid robot!
Can’t wait to see you guys at Palmetto!!
(We all know the Palmetto Regional is the best this week).

It can climb to the third level but we will only go that high if we need to. No need to risk a fall from 60+ inches.:ahh:

Sweet robot can’t wait to watch Palmetto hope it will be webcast.Can’t wait for DC regional to see it compete.Who knows maybe we can ally in the elimination rounds?

Thanks, it was a lot of fun watching it zip around our shop. DC should be pretty interesting this year, who knows what the future holds.

Great bot from you guys again! Have you had a lot of practice time with the second robot?

Palmetto is looking very interesting now.

We have had more practice time this year than any year in the past. It was essentially a seamless transition from competition bot to practice bot.

I think Palmetto was already interesting, even prior to our reveal.

Wow! Extremely epic!

On behalf of RAID (2537), we wish you the very best on your travels down south this weekend! Good luck at Palmetto!

Yet another high-caliber robot from the Robobees. Its a shame that 449 wont be competing with you guys this year, but I’ll be sure to make it to DC to watch.

Got to love glow in the dark everything!

Thanks! It’s going to be an interesting trip, we are looking forward to making our first trip down to Palmetto! I’m really excited for this weekend! Competitions are here!