FRC 836 The RoboBees Store

We are announcing The RoboBees team store. We are providing Anderson Power Pole housings and crimps in kit sizes appropriate for teams. We are also providing 0.1” Header Housing, Crimps, and signal wiring suitable for PWM, CAN, and Sensors. If you would like a custom selection, send us what you desire and we will provide a quote. Our price list and order form are available here for download.

Not gonna lie when I saw the thread title I got excited thinking I was going to be able to buy some team swag.

Hate to break it to you but I do not believe this is allowed. Being your an FRC team and you are selling COTS parts you would be violating this part of the admin manual.

Its a shame and quite honestly seems like a pretty stupid rule to me, but I am sure there is a good reason for it that I just do not understand ATM.

<Standard Rule Changing Per Year Disclaimer>
<Standard This Isn’t from the Official Manual or Q&A, so is not law>

According to this post from this year, it should be fine:

So, technically, since all of these are purchasable from an established source such as PowerPole themselves or Andymark, we should be good.

Having bought supplies through Robobees with two different teams in the past, I can vouch for their kits being well-priced and extremely convenient.