FRC 8725 MistyPanther - 2023 Build Thread


Welcome to 8725’s build thread! We found this team last year. As one of the newbie teams then, we tried and failed a lot. Under a complex curriculum and club, we schedule our time well to conquer that, and our architecting time is fragmental. As a result, we likely had made a great job in the competition last year. So, this year, we want to do more experience and hope we can impress you with our skills or interesting facts. Now, we are a team with 32 members, all of whom are from NanShan High School in Taiwan. Such a great team right?

In this thread, we will place our GitHub (where our code was on), GrabCAD(separated parts of the components of the robot), and Youtube (Tutorials & VLog).

We have a lot of things wanting to share with you. Something down below shows what we want to do and challenge this year. We will upload it onto the thread and websites mentioned above.

  1. Trying to make an impressive and creative robot this year. We hope to present our technique to people around the globe, and wish we can get and give a lot in communicating with you who visit this thread.
  2. Make our Youtube Channel a compilation of FRC tutorials that cover all the things that meet in the competition.
  3. Make this thread a monument for us by completing it with records.
  4. Go to Hawaii and win awards : D

This thread is managed by HowardYu, NoodlesK, Wayne, and FRC8725.

See you again in the competition this year!


Last week, all the FRC teams encountered a magnificent activity in the competition, Kickoff, which is also of great start-up for us. After three months of courses teaching things ranging from wiring to software programming, members of the team are familiar with the game; therefore in the evening, Sunday, 1 a.m. in Taiwan, we welcome the members who have time to participate in the activity.

After a day of study(this day is a working day for the people in Taiwan because of the makeup day of the Chinese New Year Holiday), we should be tired and run out of energy. But obviously, people in the classroom were filled with power and enthusiasm. We were so excited to welcome this year’s competition. As for the topic we had guessed, it might be transportation or something like lifting or pushing items because of many years of shooting targets and climbing, that should be something changed. Comments from the communities such as ChiefDelphi, OpenAlliance, and FRC clubs collab in Taiwan also turn out to be that. Just at the time we end the discussion. The ceremony started.

In the video or stream, in other words, we are stunned by the community of FRC, especially a part of a welcome video from FRC6998 from NNKIEH in southern Taiwan. Enjoying the late-night snack, the topic, “Charge Up”, shows on the screen, and a light ball scroll down the hill. Time to start the game!

Before we fully enter the building season, we will encounter a boss called the final exam. Hope all of us will do a great job. Still, we note something after reading and searching some data.

  1. Using a 2-staged Elevator as a lifting mechanism.
  2. Making an intake in z-shape
  3. Using the Climber from last year as an arm to make all the thing on the field is reachable
  4. Completely auto command in community with AprilTag?

OK, it’s time for me to study. My test seems to have some problems. The next update may be on Wednesday if I have the time after the exam!

  • Reading Game Manual

  • Discussion!

  • Making the game field

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Our gripper prototype


Hello guys, It’s FRC 8275 in week 2; however, in this article, I want to call it week 1, since it’s the first week we are into manufacturing.

After the final exam(Everything is good, except for Chinese), can we finally participate in the competition? No, there is a holiday called Chinese New Year after then. So now, I’m in southern Taiwan, writing the column under the sun(about 25 degrees Celsius) Next article we will make a brief introduction to the Chinese New Year Holiday and share the photos we take.

Get down to the business. About this year’s topic, we have told a lot about the above. Let’s put our points on what we did this week.

  • Mechanism

Building up with an elevator and a climber from the 2022 competition, we found that it was a way to reach the third stage of the pole and hang a cone on it; therefore, we built up an elevator system. Without exaggeration, it works really well even with only one stage of the elevator. Because the height regulation is 137cm, less strict than before, we can make it perfectly at 137cm and let the gripper lift a little bit to put the cone and cube in the highest place.

When it comes to the picture above(Gripper), we refer to the design made by 3255 and 4481. Let me take a brief introduction to this kind of gripper. The Gripper has short cylinders on the two small protrusions. Therefore, we can control which should be grabed, a cone or a cube. As opened, we grab the cube and vice versa. With the motors spinning inverted, it can release the game pieces.

  • Programming

Welcome, AprilTag! Its accuracy is the best impression to us. In the beginning, I thought the chasing robot video was in no way that smooth, but after testing, I need to confess that I was wrong. They perform well with a bit of transformation between the camera, robot, and targets(AprilTags). We will experience whether we can transform it into Trajectory, making robot pose estimation more accurate(We were worried that Trajectory would lose its way after passing the charging station).

Are you interested in our robot? Links down below are our GitHub and GrabCAD. Hope you enjoy it, also give us some response, see you next week after the holiday!

(This is our mechanism leader’s GrabCAD, Sorry for being unable to apply our team account)


Hey Guys.In week 3, we’ve done the alpha type of the robot. It’s compose by elevator, arm and gripper. The elevator has work well. Because the through encoder we’ve bought hasn’t arrive, so the gripper cannot test with the elevator. But in the meanwhile, we found that the gripper and arm are too heavy that we couldn’t move to desired state. So we decided to change the beta robot. In the case of the vision, we use too camera to picture, one is the limelight, detecting the absolute or relative position to the April tag, while the other was placed underneath the gripper, in order to detect the object we’ve get is the cone or not. For the limelight, since the new version of firmware has released by official, we have been hesitated between the limelight edition or Photon vision. It’s seems that the limelight edition is faster and stabler, but the documentation of photon vision’s library has more far clearly. Poton vision has wrapped object while limelight is using network table to communicate with RoboRIO, and it might be the reason why limelight has far more faster calculate speed than photon vision has. And when it talks to the webcam erected on the gripper, we use it with the openCV library to identify the target we’ve catch is the cone or not. Click (here)[2023-Robot/ at master · FRC8725/2023-Robot · GitHub] for more information.

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Arm Pose Estimator

To control the arm more precisely, we use trigonometric functions to calculate the exact angle to the designated arm position. Because the speed of Shoulder Motors and Elbow Motor is not that fast, Their position calculated by the formula doesn’t react immediately. The track goes oblique when controlled by the joystick. As a result, we need to memorize the last input value (setpoint). In the other words, the last measurements, including xAxis and yAxis, of the arm should be remembered, and later plus the other transform factor on them if the value of the controller is not 0.

As the contents mentioned above, it’s for the drive to the final position. Now, Let’s talk about how we measure the place of the arm. We transform Upper Arm and Forearm into two vectors as Translation2d in FRC Lib. Finally, we just combined them and got the exact point. Why do we need the point? Because the speed cannot be set simply by the value calculated by the last setpoint of the PIDController while the it is out of the setpoint and is still high. Namely, it will keep going rather than slow down.

2023 Robot Reveal


在出國比賽前,我們利用社群平台與 @teamsazanka 分享彼此的團隊,漸漸地更熟悉對方。而在比賽會場時,很榮幸能與8615進行交流。我們進行了團隊介紹及展示機器人的架構,並分享賽前的準備工作,這讓彼此都有了更深入的了解。


Before going to Hawaii regional competition, we contacted with @teamsazanka on social media platforms. We shared something about our team, and gradually became more familiar with each other. It was a great honor to exchange with Team 8615 at the competition field. We introduced our team, showed the structure of our robot, and shared the preparation that we did before competition. So we can know more about each other.

Our pit area was next to them. We brought our school mascot (panther)and Taiwanese traditional pineapple cakes to share with them. We also thank Team 8615 for sharing Japanese snacks. We hope we can keep in touch and still have a chance to exchange with each other.

出発する前に、私たちがSNSで@teamsazanka と連絡した。チームのことなど分かち合え、どんどんサザンカチーム熟知しました。


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