FRC 88 TJ² Presents: Scorpion

TJ² is proud to present our mini-reveal video for our 2023 Charged Up robot, Scorpion.

Best of luck to everyone competing this weekend at NEDCMP and hopefully at Houston, too!


This robot is absolutely bananas and everyone on 88 should be very proud. The strength to keep fighting through so many issues was very impressive to watch at both of your events and 88s peaks are near the top of the world.

Hope to play together this weekend and excited to cheer for y’all on the world stage.


If you are going to watch one team from New England this weekend, make it this one. Absolutely incredible robot, driving, software, and team.


We hope everyone is having a blast at Worlds…we certainly are! So much fun we were able to complete our full reveal video. Enjoy and come say hi over on Johnson!


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