FRC 9106 - Spires Weekly Adventures 2023 - Week of 7/10

We took a week off to give our students some relaxation time.

This week coach Mike and I met on Tuesday evening to go over a few ideas and discuss some logistical items for the year. We also both attempted briefly to connect my daughter’s (9 years old who went with me) #MakeBlock #MBot to one of our laptops for some coding. We attempted via bluetooth connection and over USB but didn’t get it working properly. I was hoping she would be able to program something she was familiar with in a robot environment. Hopefully we can figure it out and maybe use some of it’s technology in the future.

On Thursday our team worked more on our CAD training hoping to get some parts designed for our new “top” section of the robot. We also defined more design ideas for what our robot will look like in the next few months. Hopefully we can up our cycle count for upcoming off-season events we plan on attending this fall.

Looking forward to what next week has to offer.

See you soon.