FRC 9106 - Spires Weekly Adventures 2023 - Week of 7/24

***Disclaimer, post is a week late.

This week we are still in “summer” busy mode. But we are still meeting and learning and failing every week in order to improve on our successful rookie season. We worked on more coding and CAD training. Our students kept busy and were engaged with work. During and after their lessons we discussed an issue with our current robot. There is an issue we have with the movement during driving and game play that self tapping screws weren’t cutting it. We attempted a quick fix during the post season that didn’t seem to work very well.

So toward the end of our meeting we established a plan of attack…and dialed it back a little to a minimum fix. We need our robot drive-worthy due to the fact that we plan to visit our sponsors next week. They are excited to see what “their” team designed and built. We can’t wait to show it off.

Are there massive issues that any of your teams are dealing with? Are any of you redesigning or rebuilding your robot for any fall competitions? Are you happy with your performance during the season and not changing anything? Please share thoughts and ideas and experiences.

Have fun!

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