FRC Agents are GOOO!!!

Elite Beat Agents is, without a doubt, the best DS gam made to date. It is so incredibly awesome, I have become inspired to follow in their steps, and become an agent, helping others through the power of song and dance!

But, it’s not the club of Andrew dancng for others entertainment. It should be more than that. Does anyone whish to join me in my mission? At FRC Regionals, i plan on wearing a black suits, pants, tie, and some safety goggles (that look like shades), and help my team and others cheer on. It’ll be even better in a group, if we can get a large numbers of people doing a dance in one area. Not nessesarly cheorographed, but songs like YMCA and other large group dance songs would be great.

My question is, ARE YOU READY?

(Oh, and Elite Beat Divas are welcome too!)

Haha, I’ve played once, awesome game… Reminds me of Parappa the rapper

I guess that if you don’t dance well your team loses their match but if you dance well they win? You should get your human player to do it when the robot isn’t near the chute.

No. It that was the case, then it would be monsters destroying the arean, and the teams would have to use their collective knowlege to build voltron and take him out.

That’s a more EBA situation.

No, I just want to have a bunch of people in tuxes dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

You should use songs from the Japanese game.