FRC alumni startup giving away 3D printer & lifetime supply of filament

Hey everyone,

I’m an FRC Alumni and my startup, moretech, is launching on Kickstarter soon. To get the word out, we’re giving away a 3D printer and filament for life. If you’re interested, here’s the giveaway link:

A bit more about us: We’ve created a more affordable robot ecosystem for makers, regardless of their experience level. It uses Arduino and all of the robot parts can be printed on a regular FDM printer with no supports. Our tutorials teach CAD, C++ (on arduino), and general electronics. We sell various kits with all of the needed parts including the 3D printed ones. We are also developing our subscription-based “Netflix of 3D Printing” platform that will have all of our part files, tutorials, and example projects. Below is one of our robots. Most of the parts are either 3D printed or wooden dowels.

I wanted to share this on CD because there are a lot of teams that could use a free 3D printer, and because I know a lot of teams do outreach with younger students. I think we could help bring down the cost of doing outreach, and offer something new for teams to use. If any of you are interested in using our robots for outreach, please let me know!

Very cool idea. Cheap kits with a curriculum are a fantastic idea for outreach. Can you project prices of the kits?

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Thanks! On the kickstarter we’ll have prices as low as ~$68 for early bird pricing for our base robot (on the left in the image above). Retail will be around $100. On the right in the photo is an example of an addon kit. That robot arm just snaps on top of the base robot. It costs around $50 on kickstarter.

As far as the platform with curriculum and part files goes, we’re still unsure on what pricing will look like. We plan on having a free tier. In truth, we’re trying to figure out how we can have a platform that offers part files while still being a financially viable business. I think the key will be fresh, high quality, content that will expand the ecosystem. Perhaps adding in some level of user generated parts and tutorials. Open to ideas on this one honestly!

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