FRC and FTC LabView on same PC?

Does anyone have experience with installing both FRC and FTC LabView software on the same PC? Are there any configuration or compatibility issues with having both versions installed?

We’re using Windows Vista, and will move to Windows 7 once that’s officially supported.


As long as they’re different LabVIEW versions, they should work fine.
I had little success in 2009 when I tried to do that, however, this past year they were different versions. (FRC was LV 8.6, and FTC was LV 2009).
Hopefully FTC will be LV 2010 and FRC will be LV 2009. However, you might still be able to make it work. Make sure to be selective about what you install, and don’t re-install LabVIEW if it’s the same version, but just install the other components.
If necessary, you can rename the folder that LabVIEW is in currently, and then install as normal.

Windows 7 is officially supported by LabVIEW 2009.