FRC and Matlab

Hello, does anyone know who to contact at Matlab for a donation of a licence? I saw some FRC teams use Matlab but I can’t find a place on their website for donations of licenses to activities such as FRC. Does anyone know who to contact or where on the website to look for FRC licenses? We were hoping to do advanced simulations on some of the mechanisms on our robot. Thanks.

Thank you!

Ben, let me know if you have any issues obtaining the software or need help getting it up and running.

MathWorks has an office just down the road from you in Novi.


What are some of the things you might use Matlab for in the context of FRC? I know it can be helpful in computer vision applications.

Matlab has a very extensive control systems portion. Naturally, matlab does all the heavy lifting for it. From tuning pids to modeling entire systems with state spaces (and then finding the transfer function). It’s a very powerful tool. And it has a computer vision library that is very similar to opencv, which is effective for prototyping, but you might as well use grip.

We have been using MATLAB and Simulink to develop some of the autonomous driving control strategies. We can simulate the controllers and automatically generate code.

Today we have been porting that code over to Java, but are looking at moving to C++ so we could more easily include the generated code.

Cool! You should share more info (and code) about what you’re doing. Sounds neat!