FRC API updates

The documentation for the FRC API doesn’t currently say what data will be available about matches, but that it will be announced later.

Currently, here’s all it says (via

Response Details 2018:

    MatchScore: matchLevel - type of match

    MatchScore: matchNumber - match number within the tournament level

    MatchScore: TBA - more details will be announced later

I haven’t seen one, but has there been an announcement that I may have missed that said when this might be?

Also, has anyone been paying close enough attention in years past to see at what point in the season it’s been updated for previous games?

Last few years it’s been towards the end of build season.

I checked FIRST’s apiary page every couple of days last season, and posted this thread as soon as the information was updated. So last year the update was probably somewhere between Feb 9 and Feb 12.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick responses.