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hello my name is Tyler and i am a programmer for team 6128. I am designing an app for first teams that includes everything they need like scouting, the rules organized so you can see them without having to go online, a calendar, field map with dimensions. I am having a few problems programming if anyone knows how to program in java in android studio please let me know. If anyone has anything I should add to it let me know as well.

Android Studio isn’t too hard to work with. You can use drag and drop for the UI, and there are plenty of examples online for the Java part. I think this is a great idea and good luck!

One thing I will mention about scouting apps, my personal advice would be to just make an app that’s customized for your team’s needs instead of trying to make a generalized one.
Every team’s needs are different, tgere are an army of scouting apps already released out there (just search the play store or app store or CD), but from the countless hours I’ve spent checking them all out, none of them worked for my team’s needs, and I ended up making my own.


ok I will do that. so for scouting I should make it so the teams can make it however they want and use it in anyway they want

Except there’s already a bunch of apps that aim to accomplish this. If you think you can do it better (It’s certainly possible, I just don’t have the time), then go for it! But don’t set yourself up for dissapointment by expecting a lot of users. Satisty your team first :slight_smile:

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okay got it then thank you I will set it up how my team scouts then

The tricky part about programming is not the actual coding…it’s figuring out what the program should do. Sounds like you have to work on that part, first, and you haven’t got very far. As mentioned, there are already a lot of apps that have been written by others, to do the things they thought needed to be done. If you have different ideas about what is needed in an app, you could probably make some good progress, by seeing what others have done. Then think about what your team really needs in the app. Write up an outline of what your app will do, and present it here for review. I expect you might get some constructive criticism that could help your app be better.


i am working with my team on it and through experiences we have designed an outline for the app and what it should do. when I am done with a rough draft of it are you saying i should have others review it to see what they like and dont about it.

And some of them aren’t even proper apps. I use the heck out of and DuckDuckGo’s bang searches to get places, including The Blue Alliance. (It was actually a slight pain when I was using the team’s scouting laptop–default search engine on Google–and couldn’t do !tba 1293 to check things.)

Just something to ruminate on. :slight_smile:

okay thank you I will design it first to my teams need and then see how it is after that

thank you guys all for the advice I will program it and then submit it here for review when I am done

I’ve never used Android Studio seriously, but if you need any Xcode help, I’m here!

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