FRC app

We want to create a todo app for our team to function more effectively. It would be great if you could send screenshots of your code(if your teams have created an app for FRC) so we can see some examples which will help us in the process of creation.

Is there a specific function that the app needs? “Todo app” is quite vague, might in that case be better to use an existing solution(Google and Microsoft probably offer something to this end).

I mean something specific for FRC. For team communication and other tasks to be easier. A all in one app for an FRC team

This request is quite vague. Our team uses Notion and other apps such as Google Classroom for communication and scheduling events. Creating a general app for this is not a very smart idea because you will be diverting resources to creating tooling that is already generally available.


Not really an app, but a way of doing your todo lists in a more organized fashion. Use an affinity Diagram to come up with all of your tasks, then divide and group them out by the sub teams that need work on them. There are templates for this in Microsoft Office Suite or you can do it IRL with a white board and sticky notes. We called ours the Quest Board. Maybe there is a benefit to making something for FRC specifically, but every team divides subteams differently so it wouldn’t be one set app, It’d be an idea capture tool with labels and there’s tons of those already.

Affinity Diagrams: How to Cluster Your Ideas and Reveal Insights | IxDF.

What makes it specific to FRC that requires a custom-built app? As other commenters said, you can use google classroom or notion to fill your communication/notation needs.

We’ve used Trello before - simple & functional, though tasks across the whole team are likely best broken into multiple “boards” for sub-teams or categories.

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