FRC Apple Grant?

Does anyone know when you are supposed to find out if you recieved the FRC Apple Grant? Our submittable account still says that it is still in progress. When I submitted it I thought that I read that it would take 5 days at the most but I haven’t heard anything. Has anyone heard anything about it?

From the Submittable: “You could see as much as 2 weeks pass between requesting your grant and receiving the funds. Please plan accordingly if you have known, critical event deadlines.” When did you submit the form? Have you tried contacting Christina at FIRST? Her contact info is on the Submittable form. With the holiday’s rolling around, I’m not too surprised that you are experiencing some delay.

Ok, I did not see the part about 2 weeks. I had initially thought that the 2 weeks meant that if you received it then you would be notified about your funds within 2 weeks and not just to see if you received the grant. Thanks.

Reach out to the FIRST contact on the Application page. She found that Apple couldn’t “find” my employee. I forwarded a copy of her “apple id” screenshot and had our money the same day. You need to follow up with the FIRST contact she is great.

I was told that Christina no longer works at FIRST after emailing her regarding the grant. The email told me that it was forwarded to someone else at FIRST but I have not had a reply since. Has anyone else been having this issue?