FRC arena & pyramid sizes

hello there, I need please to have the Zises of the arena, the feeder station, the pyramid… basicly all of the sizes… can someone plz give me a summary of the zises? we need to start build it quickly ::ouch::

All of the files that are needed to build a team version of the field elements are all located on the FIRST website.

the manual talks about 1.5" iron pipe while the instructions talks about 1.25"…
what is the corect size?

The inexpensive “team drawings” document talks about 1.25 pipe. The dimensions for that pipe are 1.38" inner diameter and 1.66" outer diameter. It’s actually slightly thicker than the 1.5" steel tube in the official field drawings.

Would it surprise you to know that a 2x4 piece of wood is not 2" by 4"? If you’re concerned about the true size, check the dimensions, not the label.

To add onto this, I haven’t been able to tell what the exact height of the TOP of each rung is (30"? 30.75"?). So we’re going to add in some room for error in the design. This is generally a good idea since the fields may all go through some tiny deformations (+/- a few eights of an inch) from Regional to Regional depending on if robots fall, slam, or otherwise bang into the pyramid.