FRC Banner Shirt

Check it out…our good friends at High Octane Designs in Fenton Michigan liked FRC so much that they made these Awesome FRC Banner Shirts for some of our Killer Bees team members.

Banner is on the back, small FRC logo on upper front left, very cool.
We will have some at STL if you want to see them.

You can contact them at

Those are awesome!!!

These are fantastic, I’m looking forward to buying one.

That’s pretty neat! Gotta love when someone takes an interest of their own in the competition, especially if it results in a cool product like that.

I know that feel bro… :confused:

Lots of you have contacted me already on these shirts. I will try to get some pricing info later today or you can contact
On our way, see you in STL soon.

Do they have to check with FIRST before putting these on sale?

As long as the FIRST/FRC logo use criteria was not violated I could not see an issue from FIRST with these.

I’m not sure; there was an attempt to have Dean’s List Finalist shirts again this year, as well as polos, and when asking FIRST about that, they actually turned it down, so the only issue might be publicly selling these shirts.

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but has there been any update in a plan to sell these publicly?